Olympia Millennium Launch

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Olympia Millennium Launch

  The OLYMPIA Millennium line of ice resurfacers was officially unveiled today, setting a new standard for ice resurfacing machines (IRM). In addition to the OLYMPIA Millennium; is the OLYMPIA Millennium Plus with increased water tank and snow bin capacity; the OLYMPIA Millennium Cellect (the world's first NiCad Battery powered ice resurfacer) featuring the world leading Solectria technology, and the OLYMPIA Millennium Direct, the world first non-polluting, plug and go, direct electric powered IRM.

  In response to the needs of its customers, Resurfice Corp. of Elmira Ontario, Canada began development work over a year ago to set a new standard for ice resurfacers. While the new, streamlined body of the OLYMPIA Millennium attracts attention, there is a lot more to the changes than just a cosmetic job.

  True to it's reputation of being the innovator in the field of ice resurfacing, Resurfice decided to build in all the features an ice resurfacer should have as standard equipment. Andy Schlupp, founder of Resurfice summed it up this way; " our customers shouldn't have to make compromises when it comes to buying a safe, efficient, ice resurfacer. Emission controls, a board brush, automatic snow breaker and an automatic towel lift are as essential to doing a proper ice resurfacing as the OLYMPIA's precision controlled conditioner." The end result was the OLYMPIA Millennium.

  Every OLYMPIA Millennium built has an emission control system to dramatically reduce, and in the case of the OLYMPIA Cellect and the OLYMPIA Millennium Direct, eliminate air pollution. To enhance and maximize ease of use and safety for the operator of the OLYMPIA, the dash has been designed in a wrap around configuration with the knobs and levels of the past replaced with push button controls. Every OLYMPIA Millennium has a board brush, automatic snow breaker and automatic towel lift included.

  By streamlining it's manufacturing process, Resurfice Corp. in Elmira, Ontario, Canada has achieved economies of scale which have reduced costs and resulted in more value and performance for the customer's dollar.

  When you compare an OLYMPIA Millennium with any other ice resurfacer in the world it is clear that the OLYMPIA Millennium has set a new standard for the industry to strive towards. OLYMPIA Millennium, what every ice resurfacers should be.