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Currently a customer of LSK Enterprises, please take advantage of our customer online registration process. This area has been designed to help customer meet their specific needs, with items such as Manuals, Parts Information and Videos.

When registering please select your specific ice resurfacer equipment type. After registering for your account, request may take up to 24 hours to become fully activated. Once fully activated your account will allow you to view and download Manuals, shop for parts, and watch training and technical videos from your computer or mobile devices.

We have provided this additional login area for customer information purposes only, it is very extensive and constantly changing area of our website, check frequently for changes and updates. As our valued customer please feel free to call us directly at 757–366–0166 for any additional information.

To register for online services

Please click on the appropriate link:

Battery Powered:

Millennium E Battery Registration

Mini E Battery Registration

IceBear Battery Registration


Propane or Natural Gas Powered:

Millennium H Hydrostat Propane and Natural Gas Registration

Millennium Propane and Natural Gas Registration

Olympia Model 1000 mini Registration

Olympia Model 2000/ST95 Registration

Olympia Model 3000/XL110 Registration


Tractor Mounted:

Olympia 250 Tractor Mount

Olympia 500 Tractor Mount


Example: If you own an Olympia Model 2000:
    You should register: Olympia Model 2000/ST95 Registration

               If you own an Olympia Model Millennium:
    You should register:
Millennium Propane and Natural Gas Registration