Olympia Millennium E Electric

Battery Powered Ice Resurfacer


    Optional Battery Packages:

  • Standard 770AH Lead Acid (with STEALTH WATERING SYSTEM)

  • Nexsys 660AH Sealed Lead Acid (NO WATERING REQUIRED)

  • Lithium Ion 315AH Lithium Iron Phospate (NO WATERING REQUIRED)

The Millennium "E" Battery was specially designed for use in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics where the theme was going green. Designed and manufactured by Resurfice Corporation, manufacturers of the Olympia Ice Resurfacer product line. This unique design, incorporated a battery powered drive train with independent wheel motors and a full stainless steel chassis and snow bin. To this day, the Millennium "E" Battery still comes with an optional stainless chassis and snow bin.

The Millennium "E" has since performed in many additional venues, such as the 2014 Sochi Olympics where they provided more than 30 plus resurfacings on a single charge, setting the new standard for ice resurfacing machines. The cost of operating an OLYMPIA Millennium E is one tenth of the cost of a standard propane or natural gas ice resurfacer. You get over twice the number of ice resurfacing per charge as the nearest competitor using the same amount of charging time and energy costs.

Standard Features:

  • Over 30 years proven technology

  • Front dump

  • Steel construction

  • True 4-wheel drive

  • AC electric motors on all 4 wheels

  • Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system

  • Stainless-steel hydraulic lines

  • Stainless-Steel water tanks

  • Aluminum alloy wheels

  • Safety seat with 8-second delay shutoff

  • Board brush with guide wheel

  • Automatic snow breaker

  • Automatic towel bar lift

  • 6-inch offset galvanized conditioner

  • 84” cutting blade

  • Replaceable conditioner runners

  • Front & rear guide wheels

  • Full instrumentation

  • Complete lighting package includes bin light

  • Reversible auger system

  • Adjustable traction control

  • 4-wheel hydraulic disc braking

  • Parking brake

  • Back-up alarm

  • Wash water with auto shutoff

  • Automatic flood water fill system

  • Speed-related ice-making water system

  • Ice-making water fill system with auto shut off

  • Machine warranty for 2 full years

  • Battery warranty - See tab for details

  • Standard Lead Acid Battery Charger 480v 3 Phase 4 Wire

  • Proven battery technology

  • Integrated battery watering system

Optional Battery Packages:

  • Nexsys 660AH Sealed Lead Acid (NO WATERING REQUIRED)

  • Lithium Ion 315AH Lithium Iron Phospate (NO WATERING REQUIRED)

Optional Equipment:

  • Laser ice-leveling system

  • Stainless-steel conditioner

  • Stainless-steel Frame and Snow bin

  • Side snow dump

  • Standard Lead Acid Battery Charger 208v 3 Phase 4 Wire



There are 3 battery options available for the Millennium E ice resurfacer. Each option offers reliable power but each presents unique features and benefits.

Options #1

Square Tube Lead Acid Batteries

The standard Millennium E battery option uses Enersys Ironclad Superhog batteries. The unique square tube technology offers up to 84% more positive plate surface area vs round tubular and flat-plate batteries. More surface area means more power. These Flooded Lead Acid batteries offer 770-amp hours of capacity at 80 volts. Combined with the carefully selected charger they can provide full day operation on a single charge. The typical service life for these batteries is 8 years. The warranty for these batteries is 5 full year plus 1 year prorated.


The NexSys charger system provide operational flexibility and charging features to ensure optimum battery life. The charger is Wi-iQ® battery monitoring device enabled to provide battery type, voltage and capacity data to the charger. The Wi-iQ device features temperature management, the charger will automatically compensate for temperature. Automatic bypass of faulted module—continues charging process for uninterrupted operations Up to 94% efficiency for maximum performance and energy savings.


Battery charging and discharging practices have a direct impact on the battery capacity and battery change frequency so the OLYMPIA Millennium E includes the WI-IQ Battery Monitoring device. This tool monitors key battery operating data:

  • Amp hours charged/discharged

  • Temperature levels

  • Voltage levels

  • Electrolyte levels

  • As well as a multitude of other battery parameters to assist in getting the most out of the batteries

The data can be reviewed to ensure proper battery maintenance procedures are in place and followed.


To maximize battery life and maintain proper capacity it is necessary to perform equalization charges. The charger is programmed to perform an equalization charge once per week.

An equalizing charge is nothing more than a deliberate overcharge to remove sulfate crystals that build up on the plates over time. Left unchecked, sulfation can reduce the overall capacity of the battery and render the battery unserviceable in extreme cases. An equalizing charge also reverses acid stratification, a condition where acid concentration is greater at the bottom of the battery then at the top.


The OLYMPIA Millennium E package includes The Stealth Watering System. It is the best battery watering system on the market for the application. It makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable and incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class and the most convenient to install. It fills an industrial battery in one tenth the time of hand watering, which means that these systems typically pay for themselves in under a year. The system also improves safety since it prevents exposure to electrolyte while filing.

It is a sturdy 10 US gallons (37.9 liters) high density polyethylene tank is designed to work with the Stealth Watering SystemTM and easily transports water to your batteries. Fill the tank from your distilled water source (or RO treated water). This sturdy DC powered watering cart handles like a hand cart. The 12-volt sealed battery can be charged from any AC outlet. Simply connect to the Stealth Watering SystemTM and turn on the switch. A flow indicator will tell you when all of the Stealth valves have shut off and it is time to disconnect.


The components in your OLYMPIA ice resurfacing machine are warranted against defects in material and workmanship by Resurfice Corp. for two full years from the date of delivery. Batteries are warranted for 5 years complete plus 1 year prorated—please see the Enersys Warranty document provided.

Options #2

Sealed Maintenance Free

Utilizing Thin Plate Pure Lead technology these batteries provide cost-effective power suitable for motive power cycling application such as ice resurfacing. The Millennium E uses 660amp hour Nexsys batteries providing all the power needed for general ice resurfacing and heavy ice maintenance.

The major advantage of this approach is the batteries are virtually maintenance free—no watering system is required. No special venting is required for the charging room.

The technology used in these batteries allows for rapid opportunity charging (assuming the correct Nexsys charger is used). All day performance with minimal maintenance, like an LI battery.

The same Wi-IQ system is employed with these batteries to provide real time feedback for charging and performance.


The Nexsys 2V warranty is 3 + 1 Year Prorate.

Options #3

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Utilization of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology is increasing as costing of the technology has decreased, now making it an affordable option.

The OLYMPIA Li battery offers 315-amp hours of capacity or 54% of the Lead Acid system. Typically, Li capacity will match that of traditional Lead Acid at 70% so the Li package will not provide a full day of operation on a single charge. It will be necessary to charge after resurfacing throughout the day.

The major advantage of this approach is the batteries are maintenance free—no watering system is required and no special venting is required for the charging room.

The technology used in these batteries allows for rapid opportunity charging.


The Li Battery comes with a 5 year or 3000 cycle warranty (whichever comes first).


The Millennium E Battery

The advances in the Olympia Millennium E start with the Solid State Motor Controllers with electric drive motors located at each wheel. The hydraulic systems use Stainless-Steel hydraulic piping and very few hydraulic hoses. The piping is packaged neatly under the snow bin.

The true all-wheel drive system is automatic, with no driver intervention. Four independent electrically driven wheel-hub motors increase traction. With a remarkable 14' turning radius.

The Benefits

The OLYMPIA Millennium E machine is a battery powered ice resurfacer that utilizes AC Traction motors (one per wheel), AC motors for the horizontal and vertical augers. These systems are augmented by hydraulics for the steering, bin cover, bin cylinders, sled cylinders, board brush and automatic snow breaker.

The reliance on electric motors for the primary machine functions ensures the unit is the most efficient in terms of energy consumption. These machines include several key features that minimize cost and improve efficiency including;

  • 84″ wide conditioner to minimize laps required to complete a resurface

  • Automatic Water Fill of wash water and flood water to minimize waste (and overal operating cost)

  • Speed Related Water to improve consistency of flooding and control of water usage

  • Integrated safety systems to ensure water pumps do not run dry—minimizing replacement

  • On-board diagnostics to assist with maintaining operational status

  • Quick removal blower head minimizes downtime in the event of an auger jam

  • Fully reversible augers, both vertical and horizontal

The overall engineering and manufacturing of these machines make them the workhorse of battery powered ice resurfacers at a competitive price.


The Millennium "E" battery is simple to use, simple to recharge, simple to maintain and is simply the best battery powered ice resurfacer in the world. From the speed related flood water system to the automatic water shut off filling stations, water usage will be greatly reduced in your facility. Averaging 30 resurfacings per single charge.

The wash water system operates with the touch of one button, if the wash water tank runs low on water the system automatically turns off to protect the systems components from damage. Designed with ease of operation in mind the Millennium "E" has simplified operational controls that are conveniently located within easy reach, allowing the operator to make precise blade adjustments during the resurfacing process. With our unique design we are afforded a remarkable 15' turning radius. The water and snow capacity will allow for back to back cuts on a standard NHL size sheet of ice and will easily handle an Olympic size ice sheet.


The chassis and snow bin are constructed from steel surrounded with a fiberglass body which helps to greatly reduce the possibility of corrosion, due to battery charging and the harsh working environment within ice arenas, while still providing a sleek design. The sleek body was designed with the advertiser in mind. The ice making conditioner is also constructed primarily of galvanized steel along with stainless-steel water tanks. The Millennium E also is available in a Stainless-Steel chassis and snow bin. The hydraulic systems use Stainless-Steel hydraulic piping and hydraulic hose only at the flex points, greatly reducing long term repair cost. The piping is packaged neatly under the snow bin

Drive Train

The drive train is a twin set of EnerSys batteries with square tube technology for a true deep cycle. Each of the wheels is driven by one of four independent brushless AC wheel motors providing quiet, cost efficient and pollution free operation. Each motor has its own independent solid-state motor controllers with a self-diagnostic trouble shooting code system which is easily viewed by a single flashing light or an icon at the operator’s station.

Millennium E Specifications

Overall length

162 in

Length bin open

228 in

Height bin closed

77 in

Height bin open

142 in

Overall width

88 in

Blade width

84 in

Turning radius

180 in

Net weight

10,406 lbs.

Gross weight

12,410 lbs.

Snow bin capacity

103 cu ft

Ice-making water capacity

253.4 US gal

Wash water tank capacity

54 US gal

Hydraulic oil tank

6 US gal

Standard Lead Acid Battery voltage

80 Volts (With Stealth Watering System)

Standard Lead Acid Battery Capacity

770 - amp hours

Nexsys Sealed Lead Acid Battery voltage


Nexsys Sealed Lead Acid Battery Capacity

660 - amp hours

Lithium Ion Battery voltage

Lithium Ion 80 Volts (NO WATERING REQUIRED)

Lithium Ion Battery capacity

315 - amp hours

Total driving and operating power

16 kW


OLYMPIA Millennium E machines come with a two-year warranty. During the warranty period, Resurfice Corp. will repair and replace, at no charge, products or parts of products that are defective because of improper material and workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. Transportation and labour charges to install replacement parts are included in this warranty.

This warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by conditions, malfunctions or damage that does not result from defects in material and workmanship. In particular, repairs and service adjustments that are necessary as a result of negligence, misuse, collision, alteration or lack of reasonable and proper maintenance are not covered by this warranty. A failure to follow all maintenance and other instructions in the Owner’s Manual may void the warranty.

No warranty on this machine will be honored by Resurfice Corp. other than stated above. In no circumstance will Resurfice Corp. be responsible or liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages (including lost profits) of any form incurred by any person, whether or not foreseeable, including without limitation, loss of time and revenue, inconvenience, loss of use of the machine and any other matters not specifically or expressly covered under this warranty.

Battery Warranty:

  • Standard Lead Acid - 5 years with +1 year Prorata

  • Nexsys Sealed Lead Acid - 3 years with +1 year Prorata

  • Lithium Ion - 5 years or 3000 charge cycles whichever comes first


With the purchase of an Olympia Ice Resurfacer the new equipment will be delivered to your facility by one of are trained technicians. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in Ice maintenance as well as the repair of the equipment. They will unload the new ice resurfacer from the delivery truck, preform all necessary equipment setup and testing. They will then preform a demonstration and training class for your staff. In addition, all new Olympia ice resurfacer come with the following items: 2-year machine warranty and a 6-year battery warranty, Battery Charger, Battery Watering Cart, Electric water fill station, Manual, Spare Key, Training Video's, 4 Ice Resurfacer blades with magnetic blade guard, Blade installation hooks, Spare tire and matching aluminum wheel, Grease gun and grease, Jack, Lug wrench, Touch up paint, Basic tool kit.

Veiw colors choice on picture above. This is for reference only.

White Body

Silver Body

Grey Body

Custom Colored Body

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