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ICEplus & ICEplus Flexi

ICEplus is an innovative water spraying system that completely eliminates the need for a towel. With its combination of purpose-developed, low-pressure nozzles, the system applies water to the ice surface evenly and without creating spray mist. This saves water and energy.



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Your advantage:

High-precision water distribution on the ice surface enables the ice to freeze up much more quickly.

The ice surface is considerably smoother and cleaner. Outer flaps on the side of the planning unit clearly delineate the lanes you are working on, making uneven overlaps a thing of the past.

Nozzles are positioned close to the ice surface when releasing water droplets, thus minimizing trapped air and driftage.

ICEplus can be operated from the driver’s cab at a push of the button, and water is primed for application immediately. The quantity of water can be precision-adjusted to match the driving speed.

WM ICEplus Flexi

Can be used in combination with a traditional towel

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ICEplus Flexi gives you the best of both worlds. This innovative spraying system can be used in combination with a traditional towel. At the press of a button, the operator can decide whether to apply water with or without a towel.

Connect on ice

ICEplus water nozzels tool water nozzel removed

ICEplus water nozzels tool water operating