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WM Connect – your guarantee of sustainable ice!

WM Connect is an all-in-one data tool, communication assistant and e-shop. Analyze and optimize your machine’s resource consumption to optimize your budget planning. Maintain a consistently high level of ice quality through data analysis and controlled application of ice resurfacing implements.


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  • Automatic status messages enable you to monitor the status of your machine at all times. 
  • Provide your service staff with over-the-air direct access to resolve problems or carry out software updates.
  • Access the interactive workspace and order spare parts quickly and easily.



Questions about budgeting? Sustainability?
WM Connect gives you answers.

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Energy costs are rising. And so is environmental awareness. With WM Connect, we help you to groom your ice sustainably in every way.

Read on to find out more about:
• Sustainable budget planning, through detailed analysis
• Sustainable support through reduced service trips
• Sustainable efficiency through rapid delivery of spare parts
• Sustainable environment through controlled resource consumption

Sustainable ice, through WM Connect.

Sustainable budget planning through detailed analysis

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WM Connect prepares real-time consumption data and displays it on all platforms (app, desktop and WM Connect screen).

Real-time data preparation

This data shows you precisely how much energy and water is used during each usage.

Long-term data analysis

Experiment, analyze and discover how much money and resources you use to create the perfect ice surface.

Sustainable budget planning

Detailed data information enables you to plan your energy consumption and water budget with pinpoint precision.

Let’s Break the Ice

With WM Connect, you can also count on immediate support.


Sustainable support through reduced service trips

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Automatic notifications

WM Connect automatically provides you with errors, pending system updates and your next service.


Service staff have direct access (over-the-air) to your machine and can thus diagnose errors or initiate pending updates immediately.

Immediate support

This allows our service technicians to carry out troubleshooting services immediately and directly, without having to be on site. The same applies to system updates.

Sustainable support

WM Connect over-the-air support enables you to make savings on countless costly, resource-intensive service trips. Service staff only have to attend your premises in emergencies and during on-site servicing.

Let’s Break the Ice

WM Connect helps you to avoid lengthy downtimes that impact on efficiency.

Sustainable efficiency through rapid delivery of spare parts


WM WORKspace

Direct access

WM Connect enables you to access our interactive workspace directly if you need a spare part. You’ll find the button on your screen.

Rapid search

The interactive layout of the workspace enables you to find exactly the part you need quickly and easily, and order it immediately.

24-hour spare parts service

After you have placed your order, we get to work immediately. Your spare part will be shipped within 24 hours.

Sustainable efficiency

Lengthy downtimes due to missing spare parts are a problem of the past. With WM Connect, you are always ready to go, and to work with full, uncompromising efficiency.

Let’s Break the Ice

WM Connect helps you to make savings on every level. This is also good for our environment.

Sustainable environment through controlled resource consumption

Controlled water consumption

Precision data processing provides you with a constant overview of water consumption and the option of reducing consumption if necessary.

Optimised energy consumption

The same applies here: Monitor the energy consumption of your ice resurfacing so that you know exactly the adjustments you need to make in order to reduce consumption.

Remote support

Over-the-Air access enables service staff to access your machine directly and provide you with skilled support, and helps you to cut down on costly, resource-intensive procedures.

Environmental sustainability

Save water, reduce water consumption to a minimum, avoid unnecessary service trips – and in doing so, help to protect the environment as well as your finances...

Let’s Connect to the Ice

Resurface your ice more sustainably than ever before. Wm Connect – Building a bridge between you, your ice and your machinery.

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