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The high-performance WM Mammoth ice resurfacer now available with WM Connect
for arenas with ice surfaces of up to 19,375 ft2.



When it comes to flawless resurfacing of ice arenas, the WM Mammoth Lithium battery powered ice resurfacer has it all: High-performing, maintenance free batteries and AC motors, onboard ice edger with joystick operated depth control, large snow, and water tank capacity, and an ultra-rapid 60 second blade-change system.

With its compact build the machine has an extremely tight turn radius of 14.73’ feet which means that the ice can be resurfaced quickly, efficiently, and without overlaps. It also features dual touch screens, joystick controls and an automatic mode for outstanding ease of use.

Included in every Mammoth is a certified passenger seat with built in safety features, the perfect marketing tool.

Technically sophisticated, user-friendly, and with numerous extras: backed by our factory extended machine and battery warranty up to 5 years, The WM Mammoth is the champion of professional ice resurfacing for ice skating arenas.

Ultra-light blades, changed in 60 seconds

The WM Mammoth quick blade-change system eases working life enormously: Blades can be changed in just 60 seconds! The blades are made in a special steel, giving you both an above-average service life and an impressive weight: Weighing less then 7 lbs they are just 6.6 lbs. - (3.5 kilos). Blade changes can be carried out quickly and safely. Two blades together with all accessory equipment are supplied as standard in a practical wooden transport box.

Easy, quick, and precise blade change

Low injury risk

Improved quality of ice

Watch video - 60 Second Blade Change

Self-Driving Autopilot Function

By means of a GPS positioning system, the vehicle covers the whole ice rink on a predefined route, and is capable of completely resurfacing the ice rink without a driver. WM Mammoth Autopilot is controlled by means of an app, which displays all important parameters, while the redundant safety system guarantees that the vehicle can be stopped at all times when on autopilot mode. The best assistant an ice-master could ever want!

Watch video - Autopilot

Mammoth Highlights

Leisurely driving experience with
one button Automatic Mode

The WM Mammoth is a guarantee of outstanding comfort for the driver, and boasts a entirly unobstructed view whether you're driving cabin-free or with all-around glass. Three steps provide easy entry to the vehicle. All important functions are operated from our newly improved joystick and dual touch screen monitors, and with a simple press of a button, the automatic mode begins all work operations in a pre-defined order. Additionaly, important information is clearly visible at a glance on the color display.

Watch video - Automatic Mode

Fun all the way: the passenger's seat

No other ice resurfacer has it - anybody who wants to see a specialist at work and close-up can sit comfortably by the operator’s side. The passenger's seat is also a wonderful marketing tool, as it gives the spectator the chance to see the rink from a new perspective during the break. A competition or raffle prize never fails to add an extra thrill to the game!

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Water System Highlights

Need more than 528 USG (2,000 liters) of water? No problem!

When you're building up ice depth or using the water sprayer, more water is a must. The WM Mammoth has it all taken care of! The water and snow tanks can easily be connected into one water tank with a total volume of around 528 USG (2,000 liters) of water. No more standing in cold water and tiresomely tugging on hoses: All operations can be carried out from the comfort of the driver's cab - there's more than enough water to do the job.

Water Tank & Snow Bin Examples

Standard Tank:   264 USG (1,000-liter) water tank & snow tank = 528 USG (2,000 liters) of water

Large Tank:   357 USG (1,350-liter) water tank & snow tank = 621 USG (2,350 liters) of water

Watch video - Water FLOODING Systems


Excessive Cutting Power

All the power you could ever need to provide for excessive cutting depths.

Watch video - Excessive Cutting Depths

WM Mammoth Downloads

  Mammoth 2.0 Brochure High Res

  Mammoth 2.0 Brochure Low Res

  Mammoth Product Sheet High Res

  Mammoth Product Sheet Low Res

  Mammoth Optional Equipment Brochure

  Mammoth Self-Drive AutoPilot Brochure

Customer Service

Take a look at all of the standard features and the numerous optionals for the WM Mammoth. We will be happy to customize equipment precisely to our clients’ requests.


The initial setup, maintenance and repairs will be performed by our factory trained technitions so that we can guarantee you rapid customer service, directly on site and at all times.